Twitter Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your Handle!

Get More From Twitter With These Tips

Want to know how to get the most out of Twitter? Social media can be a great tool to help your online business, but only if you know how to use it well. Here we’ll share a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Twitter account.

To help you boost your own Twitter skills we’ve collected the best tips and tricks to help you navigate the Twitterverse.

Turn off auto-play

By default, Twitter’s website and iOS app start playing (muted) videos as soon as they appear in your feed, but you can disable this feature if you don’t like it.

On the web, head to the Settings page and the option is under the Content heading on the Account tab. Inside the iOS app, again go to Settings and you can find the option under Video autoplay.

Share your location… with care

If you use Twitter for Android or iOS you can let other people know where you’re tweeting from.

When composing a tweet, tap the map pin to share your location – you can choose how vague you want to be or broadcast your exact coordinates on a map, though remember anyone can see this.

Use Lists to filter the Twitter stream

Once you start following hundreds of different people, Twitter Lists can really come in handy.

For example, you can have one for all the celebrities you’re following, one for all the news websites and one for all your real friends.

Twitter tips from the pros!

Looking for even more Twitter tips and tricks? Here are a few ways you can use twitter marketing like the professionals do. Apply these in your online business to help get the most out of Twitter.

Match Emails With Customer Usernames

Want to get to know prospective and current customers on Twitter?

SocialBro has a great feature that allows you to upload a list of email contacts and match them to corresponding Twitter handles.

Once the process is complete, you can do a variety of things, including analyze the demographics, audience size, keywords they tweet and much more.

I find it most helpful to add customers to a specific Twitter list. That way it’s easy to follow their conversations, get to know what content they like and engage with them.

What a great way to learn more about your customers and build stronger relationships!

Stop Tweeting Headlines

One mistake marketers make when they tweet an article is to simply use the headline, which can be a little boring and seem lazy.

Instead of tweeting the article using headlines generated automatically from a blog post, I put more effort into the descriptions I write in my tweets, especially for my own blog posts.

Here’s how:

  • Add thoughts and opinions based on the article.
  • Take retweetable quotes from the article; for example, “Twitter is like an online cocktail party where conversations are quickly established.”
  • Ask questions to get people curious about the blog post.

When I add personalized descriptions like the three mentioned above, I get better results. It’s made a huge difference in terms of clicks and shares.

The best part about this tip? You can use all three methods to tweet the same blog post multiple times. It’s my little secret to get word out quicker without looking like I’m spamming your timeline.

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How do you use Twitter to help your marketing efforts? Have you tried any of the tips listed above?