The Secret To Making 100K And More Per Year

Have you ever wondered how to make 100K a year consistently?
Well keep reading.

The secret to making 100K and more a year is actually so simple that most people disregard it.
And that ‘s most likely the reason that they will never make six figures a year and keep struggling to making ends meet.

These principles haven’t only made six figure earners out of every day people like you and me, but they’ve created dozens and dozens of millionaires.

Now I have to warn you , the principles I’m about to share with you are based on common sense, and that’s also the danger of them. So don’t just read the information and think, : “Oh this is to simple” and then go on with your day.

Apply them, live by them, and I’ll promisse you they will change your live just like they have changed the lives of thousands of other people all ready.

According to the US Department of Commerce only 2% of the people in the US make over 100K a yr.

These numbers are shocking especially when you realise that making 100K and more a yr. isn’t all that hard to do.

It all comes down to 3 secrets, that’s it.
You have to work it, but I promisse you, when you stick to these 3 secrets it will happen for you.

So let’s get in to the first one.

Quotes-on-success-List-of-top-35-success-quotes-20Secret #1 To Making 100K Per Year

The first secret is what I like to call the 4 corners stones. You have to get involved in the right opportunity at the right time, with the right people who have the right strategy and the right implementation of those strategies.

Meaning that even when you have the right opportunity at the right time, but the people you work with aren’t already doing consistently what it is that you want to do, and they can’t help you implement exactly what it is you need to do, you won’t make it.
In my opinion working with the right people to help you implement the right strategy is the biggest factor that will not only lead you to 100K per year, but it will lead you to multiple 6 figures and even 7 figures per yr.

Now these days there is so much opportunity , that it’s actually really simple to start making 100K and more per yr. However most people are looking for low cost opportunities and are getting involved with the “wrong” people.
They are not willing to invest ( time, money or energy) in to their own financial freedom and education to apply business and income building strategies.

They work with people who have no clue on how to make 6   figures or more per yr.
All they are being told is that if you find 5 people who will find 5 people, you’ll make it rich.
The strategy they teach is to go out and talk to everyone about how much money they can make, and all they need to do is; get involved, and tell everybody with a pulse, that they run into, how much money they can make when they get involved.

Secret #2 To Making 100K Per Year

You have to have a deep understanding about the basics.
The 80-20 rule. 80% of your income will come from 20% of your efforts.
And this 20% is mastering the basic revenue generating activities in your business.
You have to get proficient at generating the right leads and converting those leads into buyers.That’s it!
Now this sounds almost to simple, and it really is as long as you are working with the right people who can not only show you exactly how to do that, but who will take you by the hand and teach you how to do it till you master it.
From there it’s just rinse and repeat. And this is exactly how the 6 figure a month earners run their business with just a few hrs a day.

return-on-investment It’s all about Return On Investment ( ROI).

Most people are concerned about how much something costs, but what you really should focus on is how much money will it bring in.

And here’s what I mean. Let’s say you get involved in an opportunity that only costs you $200 to get started ( the one we talked about above), but after 6 months you still haven’t made a dime, even though the product is great. You’ve invested in the product to get a higher position in the compenstaion plan, you spend a bunch of money on advertising, flyers, home meetings etc. etc but you still have no clue on exactly what to do and how to make it work, and you have nowhere to go for help and support because the person who enrolled you quit.Since he wasn’t making any money and had no clue what to do and how to make it work.
Was the money you spend on getting involved, buying all the products, advertising without knowing what you were doing and everything else a wise investment? Or was it a waste of your money, time and effort?

Now let’s say you get involved in the right opportunity, with the right people and the right strategy.
You KNOW exactly what to do, how to get the right people, you KNOW how to master the money making principles and exactly what to do and how to do it to make 2$ or more out of every 1$ you INVEST.

Would you then invest $1000, or $2000 or $5000? Or would you come up with as much as humanly possible to make that happen?
And would investing $10,000 or even $20,000 be a wise investment when you are sure you’d get $20,000 or $40,000 back?
Exactly, so it’s not about the cost, it’s all about Return On Investment and focusing on the basics that bring in the money.

Secret #3 To Making 100K Per Year

Having the right mindset and habits.
Look when you really want to make 100K a yr. you need to have a 100K mindset . When you want to make a million a yr. you need to have a million dollar mindset.
And here’s what I mean. Everybody will go through their ups and downs in business.
When you make excuses for yourself as to why you can’t do this or blame other people for your lack of success then you will never make it.
It’s your life, it’s your business, it’s your responsibility to make it happen and nobody else’s.

So many times I talk to people who SAY they are truly committed but they are constantly whining and complaining about everything.
“It’s to hard, I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do that, It’s easy for you because you already are making
multiple 6 figures a yr,  I can’t do this….., bla, bla bla ”
The mindset you need to have is “how can I….” “what is it that I need to do to….” Who are the people I can learn from” and then learn from their and your mistakes.

We all make mistakes, and even today I still make mistakes.
And the more mistakes you’ll make the more you learn about how to do it right the next time.
Get rid of the “lotery ticket” mindset.

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction then you know that
“That What You Think (or put out), Is That What You Create”.

Your current circumstances and the people you have around you are a direct reflection and result of your attitude, mindset and thoughts.
So take a good honest look around you, and then tell me if what you see is what you really want.
If not, then start changing your mindset, change your attitude, change your habits that brought you in the position you are now in.
And not only that, but your mindset, thoughts and attitude also determine the type of person you attract in your business. If you are looking for freebies and handouts and aren’t willing to invest in yourself, then the people you attract in your business won’t either. It’s a Universal Law.
Become the person you want to attract first and start developing the daily habits that will bring in 6 figures a yr.

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