Real Life Automated Income

Are you wondering what the talk of “passive, automated income” is all about? What would that look like in the real world? This real-life account of the value of passive income – especially in unexpected circumstances – is a powerful motivator to get your own automated system up and running as soon as possible. 

Blackout, Unplugged, Passive Income

http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/unplugged-passive-income/Yesterday around 3:45pm, the power went out in our house.

Then, apparently, the cell phone towers went out and I couldn’t get online at all anymore.

I was totally unplugged from the online world, and to be honest – it was really nice!

First, I realized just how much we all take things for granted. The ability to just turn a light on, open the garage with a push of a button, check an app that tells us the score of the football game – we don’t realize how awesome things are until they aren’t there anymore. It made me appreciate the time we do live in and all that we have the ability to do (when the power is on, lol).

When was the last time you unplugged? Purposefully spending time away from all our technology can help us appreciate it more and use it more efficiently when we come back. Even little breaks throughout the day can make a huge difference!

Side Note: During the blackout we were listening to the radio and heard somebody talk about a store that was up-charging for bags of ice, obviously taking advantage of the situation to earn a quick buck. I couldn’t believe it, and whoever made that decision should totally be ashamed of themselves.

What if they gave away the bags of ice for free instead? Do you think that would leave a better impression on the people who received the bags of ice (and everyone else who heard about it)? I’m sure people would be extremely thankful and find ways to pay them back many times over later on – but some people don’t see that and always want the quick buck, unfortunately.
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This is a prime example of why providing value to your audience is a vital step in building trust with your readers and customers. When you freely offer something helpful, it creates a sense of appreciation and will make them want to reciprocate. This means they will follow your different online platforms, try what you recommend, buy what you offer, and build a relationship of loyalty, trust, and long-term profits.

Lastly, when I woke up this morning the power was finally back on. I wasn’t as anxious as I thought I would be to turn on the computer and check my email, so I just had some breakfast with my son and then we played for a bit until I finally checked my email on my phone.

It was nice to see that while the power was out I had earned over $600 in passive income from several of the various income streams I have working for me. It’s a great reminder that once things are set in place, one doesn’t have to be totally active (traditionally directly trading time for money) in order to earn an income.

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