Perfect Your Marketing Funnel For More Sales

Use Your Blog To Create A Marketing Funnel!

Want more leads, and better leads, without having to change your advertising or drive more traffic? It can be done! Creating a marketing funnel on your blog can make the most of the traffic you’re already getting and increase conversions like never before! Here’s a detailed look at how to do just that.marketing funnel

Give Value First, But Do It With Intention

These days the Online Marketing rules have changed drastically. People are smarter these days and just don’t buy into the first hyped up blogpost or message they see online. And in my opinion that’s really a good thing.
If you truly want to have a sustainable business that produces the results you are looking for, you have to look at it long term.
There is no such thing as “overnight success”
All the successful marketers you come accross online, have all build their brand first, they’ve all worked very hard to get to where they are at right now. And they’ve all given away lots and lots of valuable information.
And that’s what you should be doing as well. Give a lot of value first, Brand yourself , work on establishing a relationship with your target audience and make a connection with your prospects.

And the best way to do that is by giving away a lot of Free valuable information.
I gave away a lot of valuable free information all the the time. I give away Online Training, E-books, PDF’s, Video’s etc. And they are all created with the sole intention of giving the reader (or viewer) valuable information that helps them solve a problem they are having and getting a step closer to the goals they want to reach.

Affraid Of Selling? Don’t Be

When you look at selling as something to be afraid of, or if you feel that when you are promoting your paid offers to your leads you might lose leads,than you really need to change that mindset.
You see here’s the thing. When you first offer valuable free information that gets your reader closer to their desired end result, they have no problem at all with paying you for even more valuable information or for the product that will get them  their desired result.
The entire point of getting people on your list is to educate them in regards to the “problem”they are having and the solution you are offering.

That’s why they opted in in the first place.
By offering them your products you are not selling, you are helping them and it’s only common sense and normal that you get paid for the products or services you deliver. It’s just the way the world works.

Look at yourself, usually the things you value the most are the things you’ve paid for, either in time or money ( or most likely even both). You are doing your leads and followers a big disservice by not helping them get your products or services ( stated that they truly do help them and give even more value)
Look it’s really simple, if you’ve already build  a relationship with your leads and you aren’t offering them your products at one point, they will go to someone else who will.

Don’t Let Your Marketing Go Down The Drain!

Are you losing leads without even realizing it? Many businesses do! Given how much effort you’ve already put into driving traffic to your site, it makes sense to take care of your leads once they opted in ! Let’s take a look at a few often overlooked ways that you can make sure you’re not missing a single customer.

Optimize Your Marketing Budget

It all comes down to tracking your marketing campaigns and understanding the numbers. that way you can see really fast what your return on investment on a specific campaign is. Don’t just track the leads, but also track the conversion from lead to buyer. You might have one campaign where you pay on average $1 per lead, but have a conversion from lead to buyer of only 2% than that means that each new customer is basically costing you $50. Or you could have a campaign where you pay $2.50 per lead but you have a 10% conversion rate which means that acquiring a new customer only costs you $25. Now which do you prefer?  By tracking all your campaigns you can easily decide which campaigns are worth investing in, and which only cos you money.

Always look deeper into every campaign than just the cost per lead.


Let’s be honest here. The reason you started your online business, or are looking to start one, is to have more time and freedom to enjoy the things in life that are really important to you. And the truth is that you will never get to that point when you keep doing it all yourself.
You need to be working on your business in a way where you get it to a point that it creates income for you even when you are not there.
Your ultimate goal should be, that your business can run on its own and doesn’t NEED you.

And the good news is that it isn’t all that difficult to do.
You can start doing that right now by getting my Ultimate 5 Step Formula that teaches you exactly that. The strategies in the Ultimate 5 Step Formula have allready helped thousands of people to automate their business and help them produce the results they were looking for and now it’s your turn.
Just get signed up right here to get access.

Do you have a good marketing funnel in place? Is it possible there are holes in your sales funnel that you need to plug up?

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