List Building Really CAN Be Easy!

We all hear how “the money is in the list,” but how does that really work? How can you build a list of your own, especially if your money is limited? 

List Building Made Easy

When it comes to succeeding online there is no doubt that having a list of your own is a major factor. When it comes time to promote, the reality will be that you either have a list or are at the mercy of those who do.

List building, at its core, is actually very simple. It’s a multi-step process that works every time it is used.

A target audience

It has often been said that “you can’t hit a target you can’t see.” So true.

One of the best ways to do this is to draw a profile of the person who might join your list.

Here are a few clarifying questions that might help …

  • Do you want to reach men or women or both?
  • What stage of development are they in? Newbies? Experienced?
  • What is their most pressing problem?
  • How can what you offer solve their problem?
  • What alternatives to what you offer do they have?

The more you understand your ideal audience, the better you will be able to reach them. But it’s more than just about finding your prospects – knowing them well means you will tap into what they want, what they need, and what they will best respond to. Creating detailed profiles means you can offer them the most tailored content possible and improve your relationship with them, immediately and over time.

Something of value to give

Facts are facts. People join your list more easily when you offer them something. After all, they have a problem and are wanting a solution, or they would not have visited your site.

So offer them something of value. Something unique.

The more you can engage a visitor with your information the better. A one-page PDF works wonderfully well for doing this.

Why a one-page PDF? Because people are busy and a one-page guide gets read.

Traffic to your opt in form

The secret to getting traffic for list building is this.

You want to reach people who have already demonstrated that they will join a mailing list.

This is why ezine advertising is so effective. Ezine subscribers are just that … subscribers.

If they subscribed once they will subscribe again. And this time to your email list!

If money is tight, try Facebook first.

Promoted posts work well for list building, are highly targeted and cost very little.

There are tons of free ways to build your list, as well, if your budget is limited. They require more engagement from you than the paid methods, but the work is worth it when you build an audience who sees you as an active, authoritative voice. 

Something to say after they opt in

Once a person opts in you want to begin sending them messages to help them get closer to their goal.

These messages are about them, not about you. While it’s fine to sell your products and talk about how you can help them, the messages need to be focused on helping them achieve their goals.

When done well, list building is a natural process that is easy to do.
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