How To Set Up Your Internet Marketing Funnel

Internet Marketing Funnel

No matter what kind of products or services you decide to promote or sell online you will never get the results you want without a good Marketing Funnel.

Now before I’ll explain to you how to set up your funnel ,let me explain what a Internet Marketing Funnel really is.

Your Marketing Funnel system is basically the system that you use that guides somebody from visitor on your website to becoming a lead and eventually a buyer of your products and services.

And even though people are led to believe that there is some kind of “Magic Button” that will make you loads of money practically overnight. You probably already figured out that it really doesn’t work like that.

For you to have consistent daily sales you need to have a clear strategy that brands you as the expert on whatever it is you are offering.
Just think about it, with all the products and services being promoted these days on the Internet, there are also a lot of people who promote a similar or even the same product or service as you do.

Now when you look at it from your prospective customers standpoint you need to ask yourself:
Why would your prospective customer buy from YOU and not somebody else?
What makes you different? How can you help them better or faster than all those other people out there?
How can you become their trusted adviser and Go-To person?

To become that trusted advisor in the eyes of your target audience you need to provide  value  that helps your target audience get closer to their desired end result BEFORE you even thinking about asking them to pull out their credit card.

You need to help them solve their problems, your target audience isn’t looking to buy a specific product or service, they are looking for a solution.
They don’t want more information, they want results and a transformation.
And as a businessperson that’s exactly what you do, you help your target audience get results, no matter what type of product or service you are offering.
And that’s how you need to approach your marketing as well.

It’s an extremely powerful strategy, that will raise you with head and shoulders above the competition.

But it’s also a strategy that requires some planning and consistency.
You need to go to work on your business each day thinking of how you can “serve people” rather than how you can “sell to them”.

By helping people solve their problems you will naturally “attract” people to you that want what you have and it will allow them to buy from you, which is something completely different than selling to them.

Internet Marketing Funnel

Focus On Giving Value

When you use Attraction Marketing you should ALWAYS focus on providing lots of value first.
This will give you the opportunity to make a connection with your ideal prospect and build a relationship that’s based on trust.
Most people online are searching for a solution to a “problem” they are having, and they need somebody who can help them solve that problem. It’s your job to be that person.

And even if the tips you share in your Blogposts or on your Facebook page, or in a video or whatever, might seem simple and even logical to you. It might not be logical or simple to them, otherwise they wouldn’t be searching for a solution, right?

Posting just one blogpost or video won’t do it, you really need to be consistent at it.
Post valuable information tips and tricks on a consistent bases on your blog , on social media and every where your target audience hangs out on-line , that way people will see you everywhere and will start to follow you and see you as an authority and they will start contacting you to get your products or services.
And that’s what you want.

The 5 Internet Funnel System Pillars

Your entire Internet Funnel System consist of 5 Pillars that you need to have in place.

If you miss one of these I can promise you you’ll keep struggling, or worse never make any sales at all.

  1. Content – You need to have and post valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.
    This starts with understanding clearly who your target audience is and what it is exactly that they are looking for.
    ( As said : They aren’t looking for a specific product, they are looking for a solution)n-BLOG-large5701
  2. Lead generation
    To eventually get lots of buyers for your products or services you’ll need leads and lots of them.  What you have to keep in mind however is that not all leads are equal. You’ll need TARGETED leads. Focus on the quality first and than scale up.
  3. Follow up:
    Once you’ve generated the lead you’ll need to have a good follow up strategy that provides your lead with interesting and valuable tips and information. This will help you build that relationship based on trust and will have people reaching out to you.
  4. Monetization Strategy :
    You’ll need a system that automatically converts your leads into buyers.
    You see, you only get paid when there is a financial transaction taking place between your prospective buyer and you.
    And that’s where most people struggle, they don’t have a good system in place, and have no idea how to get that going. They just hope and pray that their prospect will magically hand over their credit card. And yeah, you might have an occasional sale, but most of the time if your monetization strategy isn’t properly set up there will be no consistency and the sales that do come in are minimal.
  5. Traffic:
    And this really is the last part of your Internet Funnel System. Traffic is what sets pillar 1 to 4 in motion. It’s the fuel that drives your race car.
    There are tons of ways to drive highly targeted traffic to your offers , and you can have as many visitors on your site as you want.There’s PPC, Facebook Ads, PPV, Blogging, You Tube, Banner Ads, Article Marketing etc. etc.

However if you don’t have the first 4 Pillars in place, you can send as much traffic as you want, you’ll never get the results that you want.
If you are not generating the income from your business that you really want than it’s for 99% because one of the first 4 pillars is out of whack.
There are no traffic problems, only problems in the first 4 pillars.

Set up your business the right way, right from the start by applying the tips above. Create a system that takes your visitor automatically from visitor to buyer. In the free Online Business Start Up Bundle we explain exactly how it’s done. Simply click the image below and you can have your Internet Marketing Funnel set up and running in No Time.

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