Content Marketing To Satisfy Your Hungry Audience

If you’ve got your market selected, you’ve already done yourself a huge favor. But once you know your market, it’s time to figure out what content they want, like, need, and what will easily encourage engagement. 

How to Create Content To Attract Your Target Market

There are two kinds of content in this world: content that attracts and content that sells.

It’s easy to spend all your time and effort focusing on the second part. Eyes on the prize, right? And believe me,

I want you focused on that end result.

But it’s crucial to remember that the end result needs a strong beginning. In other words, you’ll never get to that sale if you haven’t attracted the people who want to buy your product!

Today is all about the first half of the sales equation.

The more you craft content geared toward your ideal customer, the more sales you’ll make. And these won’t just be one-time sales. You’ll be talking to people who want to buy from you over and over, because they feel connected to you and your product.

When you create content that makes them feel understood, that communicates an empathy for their situation and an excitement about helping them with your product, they are going to be watching their inboxes for your emails and jumping up and down each time you launch something new.

These are the people you want to find, right?

New projectSo let’s talk about how you can reach them.

Always remember that the better you know and understand your audience, the more tailored your marketing can be toward their interests and needs. Building several customer profiles detailing who your ideal prospect is can help you along the way to get a handle on who they are, what they want, where their needs are, and how to find them.

First, the Good News…

When you know your target market really well, creating content for them becomes incredibly easy. We talked last week about creating a survey that helps you get inside the heads of your target market. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to instantly rattle off ten things they need…

Which then become the topics of each piece of content you create.

What Counts as Content?

Ready for some more good news? Everything you do online is content.

A Facebook post counts as a content piece, whether it’s video or words or simply an image. So does a tweet. An email (whether to your whole list or just a segment of it), the text and imagery on your landing page, a free giveaway, a podcast, a thirty-minute webinar…

You get the idea.

We all have our favorite places to post content. Maybe you’re Twitter-happy and can post 140-character quips all day long. Or maybe you love doing quick video updates from wherever you happen to find yourself.

So don’t worry if you’re not the world’s most prolific blogger. If you’re making your voice heard online, you’re creating and posting content, and you are ahead of the game.

One of the best things for building your following and establishing yourself as an authority is letting people hear your true voice. Write the way you speak, be casual and conversational. People will be drawn to your authentic voice and want to hear more.

Consistency Is Key

This is one thing I have learned from all of my mentors: the people that are most consistent in terms of posting content beat out the competition in reaching any given market.

This is because consistency is one of the primary ways you earn the trust and respect of your target market.

They come to rely on hearing from you every two days, or every other Thursday, or whenever it is that your regular updates take place. It’s less important how often it is, and more important that it happens on a regular basis. I’ll say it again: Consistency is Key.

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