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Hey there,

Glad you made it to this page.

So who is Franka Peels, and why should you even care?

Well I’m nobody real special, I’m EXACTLY like you are in so many ways .
I’m most certainly not some big shot guru and maybe you’ve never heard of me before. And that’s okay.
I am going to give you a real short biography because I believe this applies directly to you and the goals you want to achieve in your Online Business.

I’m a mom of three teenage boys who are now 18-16-14.

I’ve been involved in the home-based business industry since 1995 and been marketing online since 2005.

When I started marketing online back in 2005 I was in the middle of a nasty divorce, my kids at the time were 1½, 3 and almost 5 years old and I had just found out that my (soon to be ex-) husband had built up a huge debt over a two year period without me knowing it.

I’ll spare you the details, but things piled up and it ended in a really nasty divorce where I was left with more than $30.000 of debt, which he created and for which he wasn’t going to take his responsibility in paying it off, and even worse he absolutely wasn’t going to take care of his children in any way.

Now I’m not going to bore you with the details but at that point I had less than $1000 in income and to say things were tough would really be an understatement.

At that point all I wanted was to be able to financially take care of me and my boys, be able to pay the bills and make ends meet.
It was my goal to be  home with them and not having to get a 8-5 job, where I had to take them to daycare early in the morning, pick them up in the evening and be to tired to actually spend some quality time with them.

So I started learning all I could about online marketing and more important applying it.

The result was that within just a few months I went from less than a $1000 a month to making well over 6 figures a year.

I was making good money, living the lifestyle most people only dream about and even became one of the best Internet Marketers worldwide.

Franka PeelsMy business was doing great and I helped thousands of people worldwide get access to the exact same strategies I was using and coaching them one on one to get the results in their business they wanted.

However there was one downside, even though I love working one on one with my coaching clients and get a real kick out of seeing them reach the levels of success they want.
I barely had any time freedom, I was working about 60 hours a week, and every month I had to basically start all over to acquire new coaching clients to hit my revenue targets.
There was no real automation in my business and I just couldn’t get it automated to the point where I could spend less hours in the business and still create a really decent income.

Because of the time invested in my business there was simply a ceiling on how much revenue I could create.
If I wanted to get to the next level and create the financial freedom for myself and also have the freedom in time to enjoy it.
Things needed to change.

So I took a step back and went back to the drawing table and that’s when I discovered a simple 3 step strategy.
I started applying it and then it happened… it worked like crazy…

within the first 2 months I made over $33.000 which mostly was passive income and pretty much completely automated.

I went on and started scaling to getting it to a point were now I only work a few hours a day and getting hundreds new customers from all over the world pretty much all automated….

And it is these exact strategies that I now help other people just like you help to apply in their business.

No matter, if you are just starting out and have never made a dime online before.Or if you’ve been working Online for a while but can’t seem to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together to create a truly life changing income, you are at the right place.

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