6 Deadly Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Business

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Do You Make Any Of These Mistakes In Your Business?

You know, I have been thinking and I honestly believe I have identified the 6 deadly mistakes that a lot of people make in their Business, and that ruin their business within just a few months of getting started.
Do You Make Any Of These Mistakes?

Deadly Mistake #1: Following The “Wrong” People

Let’s say you want to learn how to become a Olympic Swimming Champion.
From whom would you take advice? And from whom do you want to get your training?
From an Olympic Champion himself who 5 Gold Medails on different disciplines in swimming? or from the local swimming champion who’s only record he ever broke is his own on the 50 mtr?
This seems a No-Brainer, however most people follow the advice of the “wrong”people.
When you want to learn how to successfully build a succesful real estate business for example,then make sure you learn from someone who is having huge success in the real estate niche.
The way I look at it is really simple.
If you want to learn something new… would you then try to reinvent the wheel all over again yourself, putting in a lot of time energy and effort, waisting a lot of time and making a bunch of mistakes before you figure out how it works?
Or would you rather pay the right person to get a shortcut so they can show you the right way to do it from the start, without making the mistakes that they have allready made, so you don’t have to?


The answer to that question to me is real obvious:

Mentoring is crucial for your success, and with the right mentor it’s easier to succeed and you will reach your goals faster.

Deadly Mistake #2: They Don’t Use A System
To Cut The Learning Curve In Half

So many people attempt to build ever aspect of their business all on their own.
They try to learn and master every aspect and every nuance of the business
(creating capture pages, building sales funnels, learning copy writing, driving traffic to their capture pages, etc. etc. etc.)
but I am here to tell you that is a long and treacherous road which for most people ends up being a colossal waste of time.
You are in this business to make a decent living now not in a few years from now.

So stop wasting your time on trying to build everything out, and “get everything ready”.
Instead, just go out and leverage a proven system that will drastically shorten your learning curve and enable you to start getting results immediately. And once you are generating enough income to support your business and yourself you can always go out to start learning certain skills that you feel you want to do yourself instead of outsourcing them.

Don’t wait till all the lights are green. When you do that you’ll never get started.
Building a successful business is all about saving time, energy and lots of headaches in the proces of creating something for which you aren’t ready yet to create. You’ll miss out on a lot of money if you don’t use a leverage system.

Mistake #3: They Don’t Surround Themselves With “Like Minded” People.

And this one is extremely important.
Oh boy…this one is huge. Look my family was the biggest skeptics of all.

Oh and let’s not forget my friends.
Look your family and friends might mean well, and you may believe that they have your best interest in heart.
But in all honesty, they don’t know what you really want, where you are at in your life, and they probably don’t have the vision you have when it comes to YOUR future.

When they say things like : “Why don’t you just get a job so you have security” Or “be realistic and keep both feet on the ground” or whatever. Then they might mean well and they might want to prevent you from getting disappointed. But what you have to realize is that they make statements like these based on their own fears of failing and usually based on incomplete information.
What other people think however has nothing to do with you.

Negativity and people who demotivate you (even though they mean well) are disastrous for your success. Which brings you back to mistake #1.

Whenever you have the support of like minded people , of people who are driven, passionate and believe in the dream that you do, you can keep moving forward knowing that you’re in good company.

Mistake #4: They Don’t Do What They Should Be Doing And Don’t Follow Directions

Look, I understand you want to be successful, and that certain things in your business don’t seem al that “sexy”.
But if there’s one thing I’ve learned through the years, and what for 95% has been responsible for my results it has been doing what I was told to do by the people who were already achieving what it was I wanted to achieve and who took me under their wings.

Successful people have some things in common, and two of those things are: Stick to the basics and follow the exact steps that they took.

And it keeps amazing me that more than 80% of the people just don’t do it. No matter how simple the assignment.
Either they think they know better, or they think they just don’t have to, that this doesn’t apply to them.

And then after a few weeks or months they just don’t understand why they aren’t getting the results they want, and blame their mentor or who ever.

And a great example of this is the following true story.

Just recently I was in the Dominican Republic Masterminding with my business partners.
Every evening when we got back to the room there would be a little present on the bed, with a letter.
In that letter would be a message related to the mastermind and the assignment to watch a short video.
In that video we would get a password. All we had to do was simply write down that password.
Amongst timages2hose who had written down the password a gold coin with a value of about $300 would be given away.

So Free Gold, and all you needed to do was write down a simple password, that’s it.

Simple right…?

About 85% of the people didn’t write down the password.  Either they thought they would remember, or they thought it was to simple, or for whatever reason…

And by now you’ve already guessed it…. None of those people qualified to receive the gold.

It wasn’t about if you could remember the password, it wasn’t about how simple the assignment was.
It was all about following directions and doing what needs to be done in order to get the results you want to get. (In this case the gold coin with a value of $300)

And more than 80% just doesn’t do it.

Mistake #5: They Are Working On 10 Things At The Same Time

It’s oh so simple and oh so important….choose what you want to promote choose a marketing method and FOCUS.

Really if you do just that, you’ll see your expected results so much faster.
Don’t make the mistake to promote ten different things and to use ten different methods at the same time.

FOCUS stands for:
Follow One Course Until Successful

Once you master one method and this is bringing in clients and profit consistently, you can add another method to the mix.
Focusing on to many marketing methods will spread you thin.  Take that energy and put it all in one place if you want to see results.

A toddler doesn’t learn to walk, run, swim and ride his bike all at the same time.
He learns one and once he masters that he’ll start doing the next.

Mistake #6: Negative Thoughts And Negative Words

So many times I hear people say : “I can’t do that…”, “I want to but….(whatever excuse)” “It’s easy for him/her because…”

You need to get rid of this vocabulaire and thoughts.
If you don’t know how (yet) go out there and find a mentor who can show you how.
Instead of saying “I can’t….”Say How Can I Learn That”, or “how can I do that”

Find a mentor who can help you change your inner conversation that keeps you were you are at, and who can help you see the wonderful person that you really are.

Stop putting yourself down, stop comparing yourself to others. Just be you, you have got what it takes, you probably only need a little help in the right direction.

Just like the toddler who’s learning how to walk and in the beginning holds on to your finger to make him feel more secure.
If every toddler would say “I can’t do that” than nobody was able to walk .

Get the negativity out of your life. Surround yourself with people who support you and your goals, and share your vision. And just GO FOR IT.

And when you want to make sure that you are surrounded with those people and that you are going to succeed then simply get the Free Business Start Up Bundle that will show you exactly what you need to start doing today to start getting Instant Traffic, Unlimited leads and trippling your sales, without the information overload, frustration and tech overwhelm. just click the button below to set up your FREE account.


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